Claudio Stella, born in Vicenza in 1952 and until 1996 “son of the World” having changed 7 residences, including in 1977 in Tehran (Iran). He now lives in Vicenza. Saying that music has been an integral part of his life is an understatement thanks to his father, an aviation pilot with services for the American base in Vicenza, he has had the luck to be around people from the USA and listen to what was produced in their country since youth. At the age of 8/9, he put records in the parties his brother organized in the garage of the house where they lived. So he delighted himself with the records of Pat Boon, Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, Platters etc. Another stroke of luck was that his uncle was the director of the Chorus of Bassano and attending their rehearsals, he learned how to play the guitar. In the 60’s he took his first steps together with some musical groups with moderate success. In 1967 he saw for the first time an audio “System” consisting of two turntables connected to the speakers. The mixer didn’t exist yet, but that equipment fascinated him and thanks to the complicity of some friends he put some records in front of a large audience: this enraptured him. In December 1967 the owner of a club decided to install the “Disco” system and he started for fun what would then be his profession for thirty years. Until mid-1968 he put the records in the pauses of the Ensemble with increasingly longer periods of time until he was asked to play throughout the whole evening. The figure of the Disc – Jockey until then was reserved for Radio characters such as Gianni Boncompagni, Renzo Arbore, Minghetti at Radio Koper etc. and so he found himself to be a “Character” like them. In his career he has worked in over 500 Discotheques and, if we consider that we are talking about the period of ‘67 – ’96, with 200.000 Km per year, we can say that the whole Italy has danced with his music.

In his thirty years of career he shared the Console with the best Disc – Jockey and he played in all the best Discotheques in Italy. For sure those that have made history were: King’ River Club (Jesolo), Apollo 2001 (Pordenone), Ranch (Ca’ Noghera – VE), Ciak (Bologna), Piper and Gilda (Roma), Baia Imperiale, Paradiso and Biblos (Rimini), Banacher (Catania), New Carrubo (Agropoli), Kilton  (Cagliari), Plastic (Milano), Story (Torino), Bilbò (Cortina), Shed (Versilia), Palladium (Vicenza) and many more.