Filippo Fedetto is a Dj and a producer. Always passionate about music and what revolves around us since childhood at the age of 17.

The first records, the first turntables, the first drawers, then a fortunate meeting with a person who had everything necessary to set up a home edition recording studio and since then has not come out.

Among the clubs in which he played we remember the WAG, LE PALAIS, CAPANNINA in his hometown Padua.

Since 1999 the doors also open across the border, for a two-year collaboration with STARGATE events in Wein (Austria) playing in the most beautiful locations in the capital.

In the first decade of 2000, he moved between Austria and Germany in clubs such as the Republic si Salzburg or the Papagayo of Rosenheim, the Iclub of Graz. The rebirth of Italia Network, the sister Espana Network, also comes, bringing the credo of house music directly from Palma de Mallorca. Filippo is regularly inserted in the evening mastermix until he arrives at the Pacha of Palma for the radio parties.

Between 2011 and 2013 he arrives at the Runway in the city of Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) where on Fridays animates the evenings of the Cholo (Zanzibar) and on Saturdays in the city at the Runway.

He’s been then contacted for the inaugural party of the Rouge Club always in Dar Es Salaam, a club located within the Kilimajiaro HYATT hotel in December, the outcome was so positive that the 15-day contract was extended to a 12 months contract.

He returned to Italy in the late autumn of 2013 and he dedicated himself to musical productions with labels of the calibre of SOULFURIC, OCEAN TRAX, MOBLACK, DISTAR to name a few.

The revival of Suburbia, the historic ranking of ITALIA NETWORK, adds to the list of various activities, with the blessing of Mario Pinosa.

Radio Pocket, with the artistic director Nicola Grassetto, immediately believed in the project and in October 2020 on Tuesday and Thursday SUBURBIA is heard in all its splendour with the selection of music without compromises, as a matter of facts in less than four months the ranking now covers the regions of VENETO, LOMBARDIA, PIEMONTE, LIGURIA, TICINO, TOSCANA, CAMPANIA.

Now also on Music Masterclass Radio.