Marco Ossanna highlights his passion for music since he was very young, when he studied piano in elementary school and, for his great curiosity, he also ventured to the drums until 1975 began his career as a DJ. In 1984 he was among the first Italian DJs to make a tour abroad and his first tourné of 6 months was in the Nordic countries, especially in Norway. From that moment his career has continued to escalate, going, between the late ’80s and 2000, to perform in the most prestigious Italian clubs such as the PINETA in Milan Marittima where he creates the musical evening of Tuesday making it become famous and imitated throughout Italy, Pascià in Riccione, Paradiso in Rimini,  Muretto in Jesolo, Gilda in Rome, Tenax in Florence and many more.

His peculiarity was his great ability to combine the ease of enhancing the dance floor using high musical quality in the choice of songs to a great technique without neglecting the type of customers.

In addition to that, the use of the microphone at the right times and with great knowledge of English, makes him also required for corporate conventions and private events by the most important agencies.

The great passion for music and his talent’s performance means that in the early 2000s he began the research that continues to nowadays in MUSIC VIDEOS around the world, creating important contacts with International Collectors. And so began his brilliant second career in the field of MUSIC VIDEO and VISUAL ENTERTAINMENT as VDJ. This search for rare videos of live concerts, performances sometimes never repeated by famous artists, or duets of popular songs but impossible for most to enjoy watching and listening, allow today, to offer a musical video overview wide, ready to meet any request. He loves 60/70 and 80’s music so his specialization and his research are focused mainly on what takes up the “History of Music” in that period. He loves, in the same way, all that is music – entertainments for which the Crooners, 30/40 and 50’s, until 90’s/2000 and the present day.

His great musical knowledge and his technical ability with records managed to transfer it to the making of the videos is so unique in Italy.